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Keeper Financials’ specialist residential brokers will save you the time-consuming task of finding the best rates and terms for your specific needs. We work one-on-one with each individual client, evaluate your specific needs, and find a lender product that suits you personally.

Working closely with your nominated lender and your solicitor we submit your application, on your behalf, and manage the entire process

We aren’t tied to any lenders so we have access to a large network of lenders that we work with to get you the most favourable rates and terms on the market.

We are legally bound by the National Consumer Credit Protection Act to ensure we understand your current financial situation and your individual requirements and objectives before we recommend any products that may be suitable for you. We are also bound to ensure that you have the capacity to repay any loan we recommend without experiencing financial hardship.

Our services are usually free to use as we earn a commission from the lender you choose to go with. If we need to charge a fee because of your loans uniqueness we will tell you what it is and why it’s needed, up front.

We can even help you if you want to use your own bank or other lender for your loan. We can speed up the loan process as we are familiar with the sometimes-complex paperwork and we manage the application on your behalf, saving you a lot of time. At times, we may even be able to get you a better rate with your current lender.

It’s important to us that you feel valued as a client and confident in our approach. We are always genuinely interested in your circumstances so you can feel comfortable in the knowledge you have chosen a team that can provide a seamless service and be there for you now and in the future.

That New House Feeling

So, you are about to take the first step towards owning your own home!  It’s an exciting moment but can feel a little bit overwhelming at times, but the feeling you get when you walk through “your” door for the first time is irreplaceable.

We can assist you to make educated decisions on your first home purchase by providing you with support all the way – helping you to determine your borrowing capacity; select the best home loan product for your needs; obtain any relevant Government grants, right through to successfully buy your First Home.

Large Two Story House

As a nation, we are big on buying residential property as a long-term investment. This is mainly due to residential real estate consistently delivering regular, tax-friendly rent returns and long term growth in value over the past few decades. It is also due to house and unit investment being easier to understand than many other types of investments.

Whether you are investing for the first time or a seasoned professional, it is important to carefully think through your investment strategy, do your calculations and ensure you find the investment property loan that will maximise your returns.

Home Inspection Kitchen

Whether to refinance your current home loan or stick to your existing one is sometimes a difficult choice. Even though a better rate may be available doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll end up saving money, but done correctly, you could end up saving large sums of money.

We can assist you to make educated decisions on whether to refinance in this competitive marketplace. We have relationships with financial planners and accountants who can provide expert assistance and of course our brokers can provide you with support right through to settlement.

Cube Home

Having already done it once you probably know how time consuming and sometimes difficult it is to move to a new house.

The last thing you want is the time-consuming task of finding the best rates and terms for your specific needs, then managing the loan application and settlement process all over again

House For Sale

We can often find a lender who accepts loan applications that major lenders forego, including if you are self-employed, credit impaired or receiving an income from the government in the form of a pension.