Commercial Finance

Business and Commercial Finance

Whether it’s buying a business, buying commercial real estate, needing working capital for your business to grow or looking to find funding for your next Property Development the team at Keeper Financial have the answers.

By leveraging our network of dozens of lending institutions, our dedicated Commercial Finance department are in a strong position to provide you with innovative and individually tailored finance solutions for your business or next purchase or project.

With combined experience in Business Banking and Property Finance of over 50 years our team have a deep understanding of the commercial sector and the wide range of products available. They’re well placed to identify the most appropriate financing structures for you, based on your type of business and specific needs.

When necessary, we also have the flexibility to use multiple lending facilities to suit different business purposes. If you need a chattel mortgage for your plant and equipment, but a finance lease for other assets – we can do that!

Using Keeper Financial means you have all the available lending options at your fingertips, making us an invaluable resource for developing your businesses. By helping you to identify and secure commercial and asset funding to enable your business growth, while at the same time preserving your operating cash flow, we can be your one-stop-shop for your financing needs.

Business Plan

Many Australian’s dream of running their own small business. If you’ve got a good idea, develop a business plan and cash flow projection, then talk to Keeper Financial about your small business finance options.

Most businesses fail, not because they’re offering a poor product but because they run out of cash. It is therefore imperative to ascertain how much money your business requires to start and stay in business – we can help you with that.

Your business is already up and running and your looking at expanding? Our experienced staff can help you to ensure your business is well funded by finding the best finance options for your individual business needs whether that be a business loan, line of credit, franchise funding, or venture capital.

Ice Cream Boat

Has your business outgrown it’s current premises and you are looking for to purchase or develop a commercial property that will take your business to its next level?

Are you looking at purchasing a new business, buy out a competitor, or diversify your business?

Keeper Financial Commercial Brokers understand it is more than just about finding good interest rates and saving you money. They know it’s about providing opportunities for you to make money and build your business.

By meeting you and getting to understand your business and what you need to make it grow we position ourselves to find the right product for your needs.

There are many ways we can help you finance your business growth. Sometimes simply reassessing your options and refinancing with a new business loan product can help protect hard earned profits with reduced fees and better rates.

We are in constant contact with our lenders so we can also advise you on lenders’ criteria to assist you in getting a quick and successful approval.


Property Developer

Property development continues to evolve in Australia. It’s vulnerability to sudden shifts in economic climate can dramatically affecting your project’s profitability so it is critical to ensure that you get the right financial advice and guidance from the very beginning.

Often projects do not proceed or are held up due to issues with loan financing. The Keeper Financials’ team understands this and stays up-to-date on developments in the construction finance market. We understand the evolving lender marketplace, the lending criteria of each lender and how it can impact your development project.

We have extensive experience in provide finance for small-to-medium residential projects, all the way through to multi-million dollar commercial, industrial and office developments.

Cash Cycle

For any business, big or small, good cash flow is vital. More than a third of Australian SME owners have dipped into their personal savings to manage their company cash flow. If your in that boat, your ability to pay your personal housing and other living expenses and your ability to pay your own creditors may have been affected. It may have also created a disincentive to hire new staff, and made it harder to pay your existing workers.

Poor cash flow is a factor in 40 per cent of business failures but Keeper Financial can help put the flow back into your cash flow. Our brokers are more than happy to provide you with free assistance in preparing your cash flow forecasts to help you understand if your business will have enough cash to run, to expand, or whether more cash is going out of the business than coming in.

Should your forecast show that your business has capital that is not working for your business hard enough, Keeper Financial have access to banks and specialist lenders with working capital facilities that can provide you with breathing space to develop as your business grows.

We understand how cash flow lending operates. With a dedicated Commercial Finance brokers, with combined experience in Business Banking and Property Finance of over 50 years, our Commercial Finance team can provide you with innovative and individually tailored working capital finance solutions for your business.